Safety Tips

Crime Prevention Tips

Home Visibility

First help the police locate your home quickly by posting your street address in an area that is clearly visible from the street and make numbers at least 6 inches high.  Keep trees and bushes trimmed away from windows allowing you to see potential intruders.  This also deprives the intruders cover from witnesses viewing the crime in progress.

Doors/Locks:  dead bolt locks are most effective means of locking a door.  Locking devices should also be placed on all sliding glass or patio type doors.  Another effective way of securing patio door is to place a metal rod or a piece of wood in the lower track to prevent the door from opening.  Ensure garage doors are secure especially if the garage allows access to the living area.

Windows:  Check window locks to make sure they are in proper working order and make sure they are locked at night and when you are away from your home.

Lighting:  The more you keep your home illuminated the safer it will be.  Purchase motion sensing lights or leave lights on a timer to come on when it gets dark.  Leave  porch or flood lights on at night.

General Practices around your home

Never let anyone in your home to use the phone.  If the person states they have an emergency, tell them you will be happy to call the police.

Never open the door if you feel uncomfortable or you do not know the person.

Befamiliar with your neighbors and people who frequent the area.  Be aware of persons who appear suspicious.

Be suspicious of persons going door to door soliciting for commerical work.  If you did not call the person to your home to complete the repairs they are soliciting.

Never leave notes on your door explaining where you have gone or leave messages on your answering machines stating you are away.

Leaving to go on vacation

Have your mail or newspapers stopped or have someone pick them up daily.

Do not leave a key hidden in obvious spots around the home such as mailboxes, flower pots or under door mats.  Leave your key and phone number where you can be reached with a friend.

Make sure your windows and doors are locked and secure.

Call the police department before leaving and have them conduct a property check while you are gone.

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